Sovilj is a surname and a jewellery brand. The latter was born 10 years ago, when a thought of drilling a hole in a miniature sculpture Nenad was working on, blossomed and caught on. Inspired by a practicality of the object, he started to think of jewellery as a way to express his need for creation, and that is the moment that changed the course of his life.

            Nenad & Kim

           Nenad & Kim

As a true nature-lover, Mr. Nenad Sovilj studied at the University of Zagreb, where he obtained his Master's degree in Plant Protection, but his everlasting wish to become a sculptor eventually came true in a slightly different way though - as a jewellery designer.

His jewellery was almost instantly recognized by the Croatian fashion scene thus becoming part of assortment in Croatian concept stores Victor, Maria and Nicolas, where he was listed as the only Croatian brand amongst high-end worldwide known fashion designers.

Today, his two stores, one in Croatia’s capital city Zagreb and the other in Croatia's most prestigious holiday destination Hvar, represent Mr. Sovilj's vision of aesthetics and style, where his sculptural pieces are displayed. The two stores, beside Sovilj jewellery, also offer exquisite perfumes by Carthusia di Capri that tell a tale of flowers which grow there.



Every piece of Sovilj jewellery is designed and carefully handcrafted by the author himself in a long-term process of cutting, moulding, casting, polishing and finishing.

Most of his collections are made from resin as the main material, combined with metals and semiprecious stones (or some uncommon materials in jewellery-making, like silk lace, mirror glass or prepared insects) but he also uses gold and precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other materials in his work.

The aesthetics of Sovilj brand is a result of the author's inspiration by nature, cosmos and ancient cultures. His pieces also reflect a great influence of art deco. His work is far more than just a trend or a seasonal collection; his work is made up of timeless pieces and collections whose design evolves in time with the author’s new creations, different in shape and context. The fashion in which the inserted elements are combined emits simultaneously a high-octane eclectic and subtly nostalgic air, revealing the true character of this luxurious jewellery.

In 2011, Sovilj brand received a special recognition for exceptional visual identity; Red Dot design award: visual communications 2011.

In 2015, Nenad Sovilj received Elle Style Award for best accessoires designer.