Gala Exhibition of Sovilj's 5th Anniversary

Common garden stones in the Sculpture Park of the Croatian Academy Glyptotheque in Zagreb kept yesterday, on 8 June 2010, company to the noble members of the society: diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts, aquamarines, citrines, peridots, garnets, iolites…

As expected, luxurious stones were elevated on postaments and arranged in five precious rings shaped by Nenad Sovilj, a famous name in the world of domestic glamour!

Just like little New York! Under all criteria for a busy designer’s production, Sovilj is a lazy fellow, yet the few pieces he presented in his collection left a trace that hasn’t been left even by the most productive creative fellows in the area of jewelry design. This fact was re-acknowledged two days ago in the Glyptotheque. Sovilj celebrated five years of his creative work with five new rings which in their design celebrate geometrics, the city and art deco style. The value of each ring runs as high as thousands of Euros, which classifies them as currently the most expensive pieces of jewelry in Croatia. But, there is a reason for it.

Sovilj hates it when we speak about price. He doesn’t even want to mention it. He says we should write “price on request”, as if no one knows that this is a well known formula for expensiveness that makes us dizzy.

The situation in the society is too delicate for me to mention thousands of Euros. Certainly, the rings are not cheap… - says the designer, who is celebrating his thirtieth birthday on Friday. We, on the other hand, cannot understand why we shall not discuss the value of the rings: there are in total seven carats of precious and semiprecious stones built in each of them! 45 grams of 14-carat gold were spent for each one of them. The designer is not selling smoke here, but an eternal value!

In white gloves

And the design – breathtaking! The crown, or the upper part of the ring, is made of a golden square of 3 x 3 centimeters, upon which a miniature city made of stones is built. The central stone, 8 x 8 millimeters in size, carries another stone that is 4 x 4 millimeters in size. There are smaller stones, 4 x 4 millimeters, lined up the edge with tinny golden sticks in between. It resembles a sight of New York, shot from an airplane, that all of us remember from numerous movies and TV series. This whole series of five rings reminds Sovilj of old-fashioned jewelry, somewhat kitschy, says the artist, but when observed closely, it is easy to notice clearly modern design. To show his guests and photo reporters the rings, Sovilj pulled on white gloves. Handsome and elegant, he looked like a magician. But, unlike the master of trick, Sovilj did not offer illusion but designer’s beauty, making sure, just like a magician, that every detail of his presentation is in place, in order to leave as persuasive impression as possible. His partner was Bluesun Hotel Kaj from Marija Bistrica. Together, they have thought up the idea to collect contributions from the guests for the purchase of a centrifugal machine for cast metal, which Zagreb’s School of Applied Arts and Design needs.

Ana Lendvaj, Večernji list, 09.06.2010.